Cop Becomes Couple’s “Best Officer” After Giving Them A Ride To Wedding.


Joseph DeMichele and Feliece Terwilliger had waited for a long time to get married, so when the car in front of them caused an accident on the way to the town hall, they remained determined to tie the knot — no matter what.

Joseph and Feliece were traveling on the Montauk Highway in Long Island, New York, when the accident occurred. The couple’s two excited children, Gianna DeMichele, 5, and Jayden Corriche, 10, sat in stunned silence in the backseat as the family realized that their journey to the town hall in Lake Grove had come to an abrupt end.

No one was hurt, thankfully, but the family’s Jeep was disabled and they found themselves stranded by the side of the road. All dressed up and no place to go, Joseph and Feliece were thrilled to see a savior appear in the form of a local cop. Suffolk County Police Officer Cody Matthews responded to the call, but when he realized what was happening he went above and beyond his duties to help the stranded family out.

Officer Matthews put the family into his cruiser and personally drove them to the town hall… but his kindness didn’t end there. He even stuck around to witness the wedding and sign their marriage certificate! The Suffolk County Police Department shared the story of their heroic officer on their Facebook page, explaining:Officer Matthews responded, and quickly became the couples ‘Best Officer’ as he offered the couple and their kids a ride to their wedding. Feliece and Joseph showed their appreciation by inviting Officer Matthews to be an official witness to their marriage and to sign their marriage certificate.

The Suffolk County Police Department commends Officer Matthews on a job well done. We also wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Feliece & Joseph, as well as Gianna and Jayden.

We love it when something that could be a terrible situation turns into such a great experience for all involved! This couple’s big day would have been utterly ruined if it weren’t for Officer Matthews. Way to go, sir, and congrats to the DeMichele family!

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