Carol Burnett accepts the Golden Globes Award, which is named after an emotional speech.


We’re so glad we’ve had this time together, Carol.

If there was an honor for the Golden Globe that was a real truism Sunday night, she was the first prize winner Carol Burnett for her achievements on television.

Because Carol Burnett won the award!

Carol Burnett, receiving Sunday the television trophy – at the 76th Golden Globe Awards Getty Images

Presenter Steven Carell created a hilarious tension by suggesting that other competitors were in the running, such as Christian Bale, Charlize Theron and Antonio Banderas, which gave us the opportunity to see the legendary comic Burnett “tremble” with the nerves behind the scenes. but of course the price. I was always going to go his way.

And Burnett, 85, gave a full and gracious speech that showed exactly why he deserved this award.

“Does that mean I can accept it every year?” He joked after going on stage, then observed how he grew up watching eight movies a week with his grandmother, who raised her.

It was at least until they had a television at home. “Whatever media is used, what fascinates me is how the stars on the screen can make people laugh or cry, or sometimes both,” he said. “And I wished and hoped that perhaps, maybe someday, I might have the opportunity to do the same thing, well, those childhood dreams came true.”

Chico, they did it in a very vivid way during the eleven years that her CBS variety series “The Carol Burnett Show” lasted, during which she and the members of the cast, including Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway created an extravagant outline after a humorous sketch that included problems, pies on the face, costumes and wigs delusional, and they never stopped trying to laugh.

Burnett has also made waves in films like “The Four Seasons” of 1981 and “Annie” of 1982 (who could forget her under the pseudonym of Miss Hannigan! And even appeared in “Law & Order: SVU” in 2009, but it was the variety program. that earned him the other four balloons he has now.

After thanking everyone who worked on his variety show, he added that it was a weekly Herculean effort that would never happen again. “What we did then could not be done today, the cost alone would be prohibitive,” he said, pointing out that they had a live orchestra of 28 plays, 12 dancers and an average of 65 costumes a week.

Carol Burnett as a maid during a skit in an episode of “The Carol Burnett Show” in 1967. Getty Images

“We have all become a happy family for 11 years, full of joy,” he said. “We have received a gift, a canvas to paint with our talent, a gift that can make people laugh or cry, or even do both.”

And then it closed not only by pulling the earlobe (a cry of life for his grandmother), but with the words that ended each of his shows with: “I’m very glad we passed this moment together “.

We too, Carol!


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