Instagram model pokes fun at her shower head fail: ‘When you get hit with that ‘k’ reply’


One Instagram influencer is learning how to roll with the punches… and the knocks on the head. Charly Jordan, a Los Angeles-based model and DJ, was filming a steamy video of herself showering in a red bikini. As the water cascades down her back, the model’s sultry vibe is interrupted by the shower head, which fell and conked her on the head.

“When you get hit with that ‘k’ reply,” Jordan wrote in the Instagram caption, referring to when a person dismissively responds to a text message with just “k.” The photo of the model’s mishap has already received over 250,400 likes from fans.

Jordan’s post comes at the perfect time since the bikini-clad blonde asked in an Instagram post just last month, “Will someone remind me not to be so serious all the time. K. Thanks.”

The Las Vegas native lived in Costa Rica for two years while growing up and surfed competitively there. In a YouTube video in which she shares 50 facts about herself, she says her “soul definitely lies with the ocean. … Living in Costa Rica is what inspired my love of travel and the ocean.”

Jordan, who has a whopping 1.5 million Instagram followers, posted the videos while on vacation in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. No word on whether she got a bruise on her head from the incident, but we’re guessing if she did, she’ll certainly tell her fans about it. And as for being less serious — mission accomplished.


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