Aquaman: The Highest-Grossing Film Of The DC Universe!


DC and James Wan, Aquaman’s creator, must be throwing a party today after the news that the superhero blockbuster just hit the global Box Office milestone of $1 billion!


It has definitely been quite some time since DC stepped in the elite of the high-grossing superhero movie creators -seven years to be exact. Their first movie to ever make it to the $1 billion milestone was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight back in 2008 as well as The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.  And now it is time for Aquaman to join in as the 2nd most successful superhero movie by DC and the 8th highest-grossing superhero film following closely the world-celebrated blockbusters by the one and only Marvel Cinematic Universe: the Avengers franchise, Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, and Iron Man 3.

For the time being, Aquaman is counting more than $286 million only in the US and the expectations are that it is going to surpass the $300 million soon. Experts and fans following closely on the matter bet that it is going to continue its high-grossing momentum and who knows maybe Aquaman is going to compete for the 4th position against Wonder Woman (who had a total of approximately $413 million after its release in 2017).

Interestingly enough though, it seems that the superhero blockbuster does not owe its success to the US theaters but rather to the international market! While in the US it almost reaches the lowest number of screens, in the foreign box office it has created a huge fuzz, approaching the whopping amount of $715 million!

But what seems to be the recipe of success of Aquaman?


No doubt, Jason Momoa’s likeable personality, great looks and incredible performance as King of Atlantis has a great deal to do with the global buzz over DC’s newest release but it is also a given that Warner Bros’ top-notch quality production has played its role, too.

For James Wan, Aquaman will be his second-best right after Furious 7 that broke the bank with its $1.5 billion global gross!

With numbers like these, we are pretty sure that an Aquaman sequel is possibly the talk right now in DC’s offices, yet this is nothing but a rumor for the time being.  


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