CES 2019: High-Tech In The Service Of Beauty!

CES 2019 Beauty {Image: WorldNewsLive4You}

Cosmetics companies went all for the use of high-tech in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that took place in Las Vegas. Companies like L’Oreal, Procter and Gamble, and Neutrogena showcased flamboyantly how they see their future in the market and what they dream about the future of cosmetics as well and definitely impressed everyone who stepped foot in the Las Vegas Convention Center in January 2019.

Of course, we are talking about the beauty market; a market that is mostly driven by the occasional trends and has its competitors searching for top-notch solutions and innovative projects in order to maintain their share in the consumers’ preference. And, believe it or not, it is a huge marketplace that is expected to “foster” more than $863 billion by 2023! (No wonder why beauty companies constantly strive to be pioneers in their field!)

CES 2019, being the place-to-be for businesses who really invest in technological innovation, showcased a great number of cosmetics companies this year –like every year- yet there are a few of them that definitely caught our eye for their original gadgets.

Image: {Photosgratuite.eu}

L’Oreal showcased its mouth-dropping gadget for the ones who are after the perfect skin: an adhesive skin sensor that has the ability to monitor your skin’s PH levels and inform you about all the details you need in real time! Now, that sounds almost surreal, right? Wait until you hear what Procter & Gamble has to offer!

If you are familiar with Procter & Gamble’s Olay Skin Advisor Tool then you will be excited to hear that the company is actually adding a new feature to the already jaw-dropping app. Opting for the most personalized feedback you could ever get from a tool like that, the company now created a formula that is actually able to “read” your skin’s age as well as project its quality given future circumstances, such as over-exposure to the sun or not wearing sunscreen! How is that going to work? Well, the readings will eventually help the users learn more about their own skin as well as get informed about the products they should be using in order to keep their skin in impeccable condition.

As if this was not too much to digest already, Opté has also launched a “magical wand”! The wand, featuring a camera, a scanner and a tiny printer must be makeup’s arch enemy since it will have the capacity to infuse our dark spots with natural pigment from minerals! Crazy, right?

Image: {Techweneed.com}

Talking about personalization, Neutrogena hit the bull’s eye as well with the unveiling of their new app, MaskID. The application is able to read the users’ face and skin quality and create a therapy mask targeted at any skin condition and face size!

If these are only a few examples of pioneering technology from the world of beauty, we cannot even fathom what wonders have been revealed in the rest of the Las Vegas exhibition!


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