Gordon Ramsay Vs. Sofia Vergara: A Resurfaced Interview Has Ignited Outrage On Social Media!


We doubt there is anyone in here that is not well acquainted with Gordon Ramsay and… his mouth! And even though he has millions of fans for his, well, rather direct ways, it seems that an old video that resurfaced recently on the internet has deprived him of some. We are talking of course about an old appearance of the famous chef on the sets of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that aired back in 2010 where Gordon met our beloved actress, Sofia Vergara. The video was not that popular at the time but after almost a decade it seems that Ramsay’s sharp comments toward the actress have ignited a debate over social media, especially Twitter.

A blast from the past burns Gordon Ramsay on the socials {Image: Joyscribe}

In case you do not remember the incident, let us enlighten you with the details to the story:

Gordon Ramsay who was a guest of Jay Leno met Sofia Vergara for the first time on the set of the popular show, yet his approach was rather too friendly and did not leave the greatest of impressions to the gorgeous brunette, especially since their meeting was happening in front of the cameras.  Maybe manners was not the main subject taught in culinary classes!

Image:{ET Canada}

It all started when the Modern Family star asked if she was scary because she appeared screaming earlier during a scene. Sofia underlined that she is not a screamer in real life but tends to raise her voice while acting. Instead of a straight answer, though, the famous chef felt like giving a rather cheeky one by asking her if she only screams… in the bedroom! Sofia, of course, did not fall for that and instantly replied that this was something Gordon would never know.

The host, though, Leno, thought that it would be a great idea for him to join the party of steamy innuendos and tried to discuss the rumors that wanted Sofia running naked in case her already successful TV-series won an Emmy. The gorgeous actress tried to avoid answering by replying humorously that she cannot actually run.

Things got even worse when during the interview Leno showed some pictures of Sofia enjoying a slice of pizza during her vacation to which Gordon had to comment, of course, with another innuendo with regards to the amount of food she was munching on!

However, Gordon did not stop there and during a heated conversation about a certain type of a Colombian dessert (which, of course, he disliked) the chef tapped “playfully” the actress on her thigh! Sofia instantly fired back by saying, “No touching!” and the rest is history.

We don’t know how come this video found its way on the social media after so many years but it seems that the internet is no longer indifferent to harassment, especially when it comes to adorable celebrities like Sofia Vergara. Many Twitter users expressed their disapproval of Gordon’s actions as well as commented on Leno’s unacceptable neutrality. Maybe the popular chef should start thinking about his reputation recovery strategy!

What is your take on this?  Was Gordon trying to be playful or was he blatantly offensive?


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