Serena Williams: Post-Pregnancy Body Is Cool!


It is definitely one of the biggest fears for many women: what happens to my body after pregnancy? Am I going to be able to bring it back to its former, toned state? Will I be perceived again as hot as I used to? Is my baby bump going away anytime soon?

There are many women who felt as if their environment was rather judgemental over their figure or even struggled losing the excess weight in the time frame they wished. If this is a matter for us, common people, just imagine how it could get inflated if we are talking about a celebrity new mom (much more if she is a world-celebrated athlete)!

Serena Williams, the tennis champion, became a mom for the first time in September 2017 with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, by giving birth to her sweet baby girl, Alexis Olympia. Serena, who adorns the front page of the Allure Magazine this month, thought about passing a powerful message via her interview with regards to post-pregnancy figure and the struggle with accepting your image as a woman after becoming a mother.


When asked about how she felt about her pregnancy, Serena, unlike many celebrities out there, did not hesitate to show how excited she felt during her 9-month preparation of becoming a mom. She said she loved it all the way and was fascinated with the new experience every step of the way!


When the discussion took a turn towards post-pregnancy figure and body acceptance she had a few things to say to all of us women out there. Serena spoke about how important it is to love yourself no matter what and to be able to understand the uniqueness of oneself behind the bumps and the scars and the stretches. Talking about her own experience with having excess skin in her belly after giving birth, she stressed how she looked at her stomach lovingly, completely aware about the reasons behind her body’s change, reminding herself that she is a mother now; a mother who wants to instill in her daughter -and all of the young women out there- that beauty is being kind to yourself and the others. Beauty springs from within!

Now, you might think that just because Serena had it easy being pregnant and giving birth that is not the case for every woman. Yet, Serena’s post-pregnancy condition was not totally carefree. She had to fight with a haematoma after her C-section; a fact that hindered her way back to the courts (even her mailbox, as she reveals)!

Nevertheless, with the tennis champion being exactly that, a champion, she managed to overcome all obstacles and was ready to fight for a spot in the Wimbledon 2018 Ladies’ Singles Final.

She may have not won the tournament, but she dedicated her participation and position to all the moms out there who are trying to find their way back to who they were before pregnancy.


  1. To me, Serena will always be the ogre who shamed America and denied Osaka her chance to experience a win against a person that was her hero (i.e. the ogre).

    The sooner she retires the better. I hope Osaka has found a true hero.


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