Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Are Officially A Thing!


If there is one star whose love life has been the constant focus of the celebrity news, from the day she sang her first song up until today that she is already a world-known singer, it is (hands down) Taylor Swift! Taylor seems to have been thoroughly scrutinized about her private life by the media when it comes to her boyfriends; both at times when she was dating numerous huge names of the showbiz, such as Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal and more as well as at times when she was absolutely single.

However, it came a time when Swift was not willing to take it anymore (having her affairs becoming a national matter, that is) and she became quite vocal about it during an interview for the Rolling Stone.

Do you remember that dreadful interview she had at 2015 Grammys where she was stunned after a reporter’s question about who she was going home with after the awards event? Or that time when she stated that she is going to stop dating indefinitely in fear that her career would never be able to get detached from her love life?

Well, it seems that, as of recently, Taylor has stop worrying about her love life getting out in the limelight again and is feeling free to walk down the streets again hand in hand with the chosen of her heart, Joe Alwyn!


It appears that the couple has been together (apparently in secrecy) since 2016 and even though many times numerous celebrity news magazines tried to expose their relationship, they kept on “operating” undercover, waiting for the right moment: the Golden Globes after party!

The lovely couple was seen (and photographed) together refraining from hiding behind bodyguards or dressing in oversized coats and huge sunglasses; just being their lovely selves together and looking as gorgeous as they have ever been.  


As Alwyn told in an interview, he believes that they have achieved to keep their private life as private as they want to by today and now they are ready to appear in public without any fear of the crowd –or the paparazzi- making huge fuzz about their relationship. Nevertheless, they still would rather talk about their work instead.


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