Would You Work For The Royals?


It is not uncommon for anyone to have high hopes and dreams when it comes to their career, even if they already have a fruitful one. Whether you are the CEO of a prominent company or the head accountant of a well-known international colossus, it is possible that you still keep an eye at the market outlook for a prestigious job position that would fit your childhood dreams.

How would you feel about being employed by the Queen herself, though? Have you ever dreamt about working for the royal family and consider a palace as your working place? Would you still tell your friends that you got caught up late at “the office”?

Well, working for the royal house is not as rare as you may think and there are actually quite a few people who call the Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle their…work premises.

Word has come out recently that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles are in search of a Personal Assistant and it might as well be you if you rush at the royal house career website and apply for the position! But the position of the PA for the Duke and the Duchess of Cornwall is not the only vacancy you will find in there. There are also quite a few other spots for you to upload your application for and they come in all types; fixed term, short term, permanent or in the form of an internship.


Even if you are not the one to acquire the position, just imagine that just being selected for an interview means setting foot in one of the palaces!

So what are you waiting for? We will be sending our CV for sure!


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