Jordan Peele; Could He Be The Answer To The Dying All-American Horror?

ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 22: Actor/director Jordan Peele speaks onstage at 'Get Out' Q&A at Morehouse College on February 22, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Jordan Peele; a name that for years has been tied to the domain of comedy with critically acclaimed skits on Mad Tv, as well as the tv series Key and Peele.

So while we wait for the second horror movie ‘US‘ written by Peele, let’s take time to ponder on how and why Jordan is revolutionizing the Horror genre as we know it.

When I first went to see Get Out in early 2017, you can only imagine the little voice of skepticism that fuelled my mind as I drove in a pensive mood to the cinema.

Would I be disappointed?

Truth be told, I had never imagined that a writer/actor/producer, so adept at the realms of comedy, could transition smoothly into a genre that was designed to elicit fear.

At best, I expected a 6/10…and at the time, I was being generous.

By the time they rolled the credits to Get Out, Jordan Peele knew he had me hooked like a five-year-old to pb&j

His take on horror was surprisingly disturbing. A breath of fresh air to say the least.

As a horror enthusiast, I must admit that I’ve become accustomed to the proverbial scares of the monster hiding in the closet, the demonic entity possessing the innocent child, and the psychopathic killer on the loose targetting suburban teens.

But here was a horror story that truly hit home for a number of reasons.

First of all, Jordan Peele has a rare commodity that many a Hollywood horror writer lack.

The knack for satire and sarcasm in the most adverse of situations.

You see, it appears that Jordan Peele’s mind is a classic case of the duality principle coming into play.

There, in the confines of Jordan’s mind, lies some sort of truce between the part of his brain that embodies Stephen King, and the part that masters comedic timing like that of the legendary Dave Chappelle.

A bit grandiose you might say, but after watching his first film a couple of times, it’s pretty clear Jordan knows exactly what he’s doing.

Secondly, Jordan appears to be interest in the element of self in his thought process.

That is, the most terrifying monster is not the one hiding under the bed…

Rather, the one hiding in thy self!

For example, in Get Out, Jordan addresses the deep-rooted issues of racism, narcissism, and the dark desire for every man to possess another.

And judging from the trailer of ‘US’, it’s pretty obvious that the vexing subject of the ‘ego’ will be the next underlying theme of the movie.

Is there a darker side to you and I?

Well, we’ll have to find out won’t we!

For now, I’m going to call it though…

Jordan Peele might just be the messiah that will usher in the revival of the classic all-American horror.


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