China’s Rover Makes History By Landing On The “Dark” Side of The Moon

Photograph Courtesy of the Chinese Space Agency

On January 2nd, the Chinese National Space Agency made history by successfully landing a rover on the lunar far side.

Shaping the Course of History

This is the first time that human contact of any kind, whether man or machine, has been made on the infamously coined, ‘dark side’ of the moon.

The Chang’e-4 mission was launched on December 7, and entered orbit on December 12.

Prior to the historic touchdown, details regarding the mission were scanty; primarily because the Chinese Space Agency is infamous for its high level of secrecy.

What Is The Significance of This Landing?

The Chang’e-4 probe is the Chinese space agency’s latest mission to the moon.

Initially, there have been two orbiters, as well as one land-rover combo that have made a successful landing in 2013, albeit on the near-side of the moon

As for Chang’e-4, the mission was the combination of a relay satellite, a rover, and a lander.

According to planetary scientist Clive Neal, who specializes in the moon’s geology, the landing is the first of its kind and marks a monumental epoch in man’s history.

Indeed, Long Xiao of the Chinese University of Geosciences is confident that the returned data from the probe will provide critical information to unravel secrets regarding the dark side of the moon!


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