Gone Too Soon! 5 Iconic Celebrities That Didn’t Get to See The New Year

NEW YORK CITY - MAY 31: Frank Adonis sighted on location filming "Wise Guys" on May 31, 1989 in New York City. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

Death is inevitable, no matter how hard we try.

And even though our celebrities look untouchable, they are poised to have a date with The Grim Reaper at some point in their lives. Just like us!

So don’t let their massive fortunes convince you otherwise. There’s no amount of splurging and spending of cash that can buy you the fountain of youth, or the pill of immortality!

What a bummer….

That being said, despite the new year, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic celebrities that took their final bow in 2018

Frank Adonis

5 days shy of the New Year, the world received news that Frank Adonis had passed away.

Indeed, who could forget his role as Anthony Stabile in one of Martin Scorcese’s critically acclaimed films, Goodfellas?

Throughout the years, he appeared in numerous cult films such as True Romance and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Peter Masterson

An all-rounded bloke truly committed to the craft, Peter Masterson was your go-to director, actor, and writer back in the ’70s and ’80s.

In fact, his resume is by-far one of the most impressive on this list!

He appeared in The Stepford Wives (1975), The Exorcist (1973) and Counterpoint (1968)

As a director, Peter’s bountiful knowledge of the craft was appreciated in cult films like Full Moon in Blue Water (1989) and Artice Blue (1993)

He died on 18th December, 2018.

Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall made history by being the first female director to release the movie, Big, that surpassed the $100 million mark!

Apart from being an iconic director, she was the star actor in hit films like A League of Their Own and Jumpin’ Jack Flash Awakenings.

She passed away from complications related to diabetes on Dec. 17, at 75 years of age.

Colin Kroll

Remember the epic short-video app called Vine, as well as HQ Trivia?

Sadly, the founder Colin Kroll passed away on December 16 as a result of a suspected overdose at the age of 35.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson, whose nicknames include The Girl With The Honey-Coated Voice and The Baby, released over 70 albums in her lengthy career.

As a matter of fact, she received 3 Grammy Awards in her lifetime for her amazing music and her work as a civil rights advocate.

She passed away at her home in Pioneertown, California, at the age of 81 on December 13th.


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