Tristan Thompson Has Totally Moved on From Khloe: LovelyModel Karizma Benzema is His New Fling!

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Tristan Thompson’s new fling is gorgeous model Karizma Ramirez.

Tristan, 27, was spotted on Tuesday in the posh regions of New York City with 28-year-old Ramirez, and it is rumored that they’ve been spending the whole week together.

The basketball athlete, who is currently in New York City with the Cleveland Cavaliers to face off against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, was snapped strolling to his hotel room holding two cups of coffee. Talk about a nightcap, huh?

Later in the evening, Thompson was photographed dining at Nobu with Ramirez, and then spotted a week later enjoying dinner with Ramirez at the Carbone.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Ramirez has been with a controversial celebrity.

In 2013, she was linked to Chris Brown, and it was alleged that the two had a fling while Brown was in New York.

Photo Courtesy of ZING Vodka: Karizma Ramirez centered in Orange top at Chris Brown’s birthday party 2013

At the time, Ramirez worked as a waitress at club Finale.

Thompson’s romantic fling with Ramirez has surfaced right after the superstar was accused of infidelity with Jordyn Woods, a close family friend of now ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.


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