Young Teen Is Trending After Egging Politician Who Claimed Muslims Were Responsible For the Christchurch Mosque Attack

Mr. Anning retaliating with what looks like to be a punch in the face Photo credit: Associated Press

An Australian Senator who is infamously known to be a far-right supporter found himself the victim of an unexpected egging after criticizing and directly blaming Muslims for the mosque shooting at Christchurch.

While at a press conference, Senator Fraser Anning was smacked across the back of the head with an egg. Shocked, the Senator then turned round and smacked the teen’s face.

That’s when Fraser’s supporters descended upon the teen and placed him in an uncomfortable choke position until the police arrived at the scene.

That being said, the police have stated that they are still conducting investigations to determine the severity of the teen’s conduct as well as that of Senator Anning.

Police have further stated that the boy was exited from the complex after the incident.


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