Ariana Grande’s “Boyfriend” Literally Making Waves!


Ariana Grande’s love affairs have never been quite a secret. So no wonder that several reports were quite sure that the “7 Rings” star was dating Mikey Foster of Social House music group.

For instance, The Blast mentioned that the friendship has recently “taken a passionate new turn” in recent times that is sure to get people talking. People magazine confirmed the news while fans have been watching them at close quarters.

Ariana Grande & Social House’s “Boyfriend,” has now cracked the top new entry, joining the Top 10 songs on this week’s Global YouTube Music Videos Chart! The video has garnered a whopping 40.8 million views in the week ending August 8. Ariana Grande’s single with pop-duo Social House staying true to the funky R&B style delivered a winner of sorts, outlining the song as an expression of frustration of the varied labels in relationships:

The words go like this – “you ain’t my boyfriend, and I ain’t your girlfriend, but you don’t want me to see nobody else”!

Social House, the LA based duo, have also jumped to the spotlight! Hailing originally from Pittsburgh, the group includes “boyfriend” Mike (Michael) Foster and Charles Anderson.

Ariana and Mike’s relationship also receives more credence owing to the steamy makeout session that finds a strong presence in the video, leading many of her fans to be suspected of their affair.

Certainly, a lot of status quo has changed since the duo migrated from Pittsburgh to LA especially to work with Grande collaborator Tommy Brown, who is known for the sensational Ariana hits “Thank u, Next” and “7 rings” with.

Now you know, how “Boyfriend” came into existence, right!


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