25 Weird, Gross, and Wondrous Must-See Medical Cases


Think vampires, zombies, and werewolves are just tales of (bad) teen fiction? Think again. These weird horror creatures originate from the truly strangest medical cases in history. If you’ve never had a fishbone stuck in your eye or had to head to the ER because you thought it was a good idea to eat a raw ghost pepper, consider yourself blessed and not the winner of the Darwin Awards. Up next, we cover the top 25 weirdest, grossest, and most wonderous must-see medical cases for your internet browsing pleasure. Pro tip: eat while you read at your own risk.

Doctor with Stethoscope

1. Complete Personality Changes

Everyone has that one relative they wish they could give a personality transplant to. And if you can’t think of any jerk cousins in your family tree, then it’s probably you. They say the brain is the seat of someone’s personality, and you might be surprised to know that traumatic brain injuries and strokes can completely change the way a person thinks, acts, and feels – for good or bad.