Miley Cyrus Goes On A “Crazy” Selfie Spree Post-Breakup With Liam Hemsworth


Post her split from Liam Hemsworth a week ago, Miley Cyrus has been posting bikini-clad selfies on Instagram, clearly not in line with someone who has broken up with the “love of her life.”

The 26-year-old pop star enjoyed a vacation to Italy after she announced separation from husband Liam Hemsworth recently.  Now she goes on a spree of sexy images starting with a twerking booty video in a tiny white bikini that raised several pairs of eyes. Her posts included a lot of bling, especially her gold-mirrored aviator shades and shimmering bracelets.

Raising Temperatures on Instagram

Her fans lapped it all up irrespective of the fact that being freshly single could have broken her apart. Fans posted thousands of comments checking on her marriage woes or some commenting on how hot she looks when she is newly single now.

Her 97.5 million followers were treated to several near-nude pictures that featured a glimpse of her under-boobs, a bling-worthy Chanel logo necklace, vintage jackets and some terrific Versace sandals.

“Good for you Miley,” is what a follower commented, and we agree. It sums up everyone’s thoughts perfectly.

Bling has a nice ring to breakup plans!

Miley did show that she was loving her life, even after constant reports of reasons that led to the breakdown of her marriage and a decade-old relationship to Liam. The Malibu singer looked stunning in a black studded crop top and pants with multiple belts.

Her sizzling outfits recently included a black Versace bikini that costs upward of $400 that were paired with $59-worth Palazzo Medusa pool slides. Her Versace beach towel is priced at a whopping 700 bucks! No ways did she have a “split up with husband” vibe, in any of her images or videos, whatsoever!

Her #whatheartbreak outfit picture ended with a set of Nike sweat pants and top that showcased her outstanding physique. She might or not might have captured Liam’s attention but certainly got her fans’ attention in spades!

Miley could be feeling high or low irrespective of her social media vibe but here is certainly one way to handle a breakup, celebrity style!