Our Top 6 Scariest Places on Earth


Because Lizzie was home on the day of the murders, albeit in the barn at the time of the killings, she was arrested for the crime. Couple that with the fact that Lizzie stood to gain financially from the deaths of her father and stepfather, unlike the maid, and it wasn’t long before she was put on trial for the deaths. People were so engrossed in the case they would eagerly wait days for new articles to be published. Residents up and down the eastern seaboard flocked to Fall River to catch a glimpse of the murder house and the accused. The chief investigator in the case even received fan mail from people who religiously followed the events of the trial.

Despite Lizzie’s apparent motive and her eerie proximity to the crime scene at the time of the murders, she was ultimately acquitted. A lack of concrete evidence and her gentle, charitable Christian-lady demeanor put enough doubt in the minds of an all-male jury to let her go. Unfortunately for the deceased, no one was ever brought to justice for their murders.