Sibling Relationship – Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s Are Bro-Sis Goals!


One can see right from the onset that Kate Middleton’s two oldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have a strong bonding. People magazine reported that the 6-year-old and his 4-year-old sister are close friends, as is evident from their photos.

Insiders revealed that since the siblings are both toddlers, they spend a lot of time together. They have learnt to depend on each other, especially in the presence of other toddler friends.

Charlotte “outgoing,” and George “serious”

Charlotte is “more outgoing” than George, according to tabloids. She is quite pleased about joining her brother at Thomas’s Battersea School, this year. They both watched their parents’ sailing competition recently during the weekend. They are seldom clicked giggling together quite a lot or when playing in the garden.

Prior to George’s 6th birthday in July, insiders revealed how Charlotte’s more dominating than George. They usually squabble over small things like other kids of their age. But all reports point out that they get along well together often.

“Obsession” with slime and love for mom

The young Princess is fond of playing with slime like kids of her age. Her mother revealed to a magazine about her daughter’s gooey obsession and spoke quite about it. The Duchess of Cambridge is quite fond of her kids and they are in fact, quite close to her too. revealed how the kids would “come running out the front door” calling out for their “mommy” several times. They get excited when their mother is back home from wherever she was.

One can expect the bond to grow further when little brother, Prince Louis and infant cousin Archie Harrison, join the sibling gang. They will catch up with their activities when they grow up and bond over a lot of things too!