The Fascinating World of Time Capsules


The Juneau Time Capsule

The city of Juneau installed a time capsule in a sealed room fitted with a plate glass observation window on the ground floor of the Federal Building in 1994. First closed off in 1994, the 9-by-6-foot chamber is packed with thousands of pieces of memorabilia scrounged by locals as part of a citywide project.

Many of the objects are everyday relics of the 90s—a Wonderbra, a Sony Walkman, a Barbie doll—but there are also old drivers’ licenses, family mementos and a box containing menus from all of Juneau’s restaurants. The vault also includes hundreds of letters written by schoolchildren to the students of the future. Copies of the notes were put on display several years later, but the originals will remain sealed off until New Year’s Eve 2094.