The Fascinating World of Time Capsules


The Mystery Time Capsule

In 2013, a church congregation in Grand Ledge, Michigan cracked open a time capsule from 1912 filled with all the usual suspects: photos, newspapers, and newsletters. Basically, it had all the stuff you’d expect a church to put in their time capsule in 1912. But there was one single mystery item: a neat little package wrapped in brown paper. The package had writing on it explaining that it was to be delivered to the descendants of one Reverend J. E. Foote. The problem? Nobody knew if he had any descendants, where those descendants might be and what was inside this mysterious parcel.


After months of wondering about what was inside, 17 direct descendants of Rev. Foote convened in Michigan this past Sunday to open the thing. The time capsule had a treasure trove of artifacts from the church and surrounding area. It also had two almanacs from 1804 and 1808.