The Fascinating World of Time Capsules


Time Capsule under Lenin Statue

A time capsule interred by members of the Soviet Komsomol youth organization in the 1970s has been discovered under a Lenin statue in Kamchatka, Russia with a message to the world of 2024. It contained messages to the “socialist society in 2024.”

The message read “We say to you, who will join us in 45 years,  … let your character be courageous. Let your songs be happier. Let your love be hotter. We do not feel sorry for ourselves because we are certain you will be better than us.” The message was filled with ritualistic praises for the heroes of the Soviet past. It said “Improve the world and yourself in the name of communism, as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin taught us, as the Communist Party teaches us! Lenin is always with us!” This time capsule was handed over to the military to be preserved and kept in the military museum.